About Us


dizelcontalogoOur firm a company which is enchanging and following the contemporary technology and continuously growing wlth years experience located in ISTANBUL of TURKEY. We are producing gasket which is going to increase the life of engine, minimize the complaints and be in quality which used in automotive industry besides machines and equipment in various industies. The gaskets are made of materials of best quality suitable for the world standarts are produced strinctly prevents leaking used perforated sheet material for cylinder head gasket which plated by tin forms and realize the hardness and the flexibility.

The soft parts prevents leaking without being deformed by heat, pressure, water statical and dynamical pressures steel sheet is used for chamber rings to prevent corrision and resist to high compression of motors. Water and oil holes are covered by cooper rings to prevent leaking and corrision. Graphit or silicone are plated on surface to prevent sticking on motor block and the cover due to heat and pressure.

Our object is to submit the best service and highest quality to our dearer customers.